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When I'm home on my days off, I'm completely unproductive. I should be getting my house in order to put on the market soon but I'm overwhelmed and don't do much.  I am also panicked because I will have to rent a place when I sell this house. I will only get half of the equity and that won't be much.  I don't make enough money to rent anything in this area so I really don't know where to go. On Saturday, in a panic, I texted my sister in South Carolina.  She's alone, renting a three bedroom house there.  I asked her if my daughter and I could move in with her when I sell. I said I'd pay rent and look for a job when I get there.  She put me off by saying "we'll talk about it when the time comes and there are lots of inexpensive places to rent here."  

Believe me, my asking her was a last resort.  I really have no one to turn to.  I am all alone with a ton of stresses.  I just need to get through a few more years.  Get my younger one into college.  Then I'm done.  It's just lasting that long - how to do it?

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Posted on 03:19PM on Feb 18th, 2013
Goldi, you sound paralysed by depression. Are you seeing a doctor? IMO you may need medication and / or therapy for depression. One of the CLASSIC signs of depression is the feeling you are "stuck" and cannot move forward.

I encourage you to NOT move in with your sister. It is only a "half way house" for you -m and you really need a NEW start. By all means, move in near her - so you can have her support - but not into her house.

Posted on 05:00PM on Feb 18th, 2013
thanks, it's the story of my life, always paralysed. Taking meds but it doesn't change the fact that I'm broke and cant afford to live anywhere. You don't have to warn me against living with my sister, she's already said no.
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